Steinecker Stromboli wort boiling system
Stromboli wort boiling system

    Energy-saving wort boiling system

    Makes wort boiling controllable

    The boiling of wort is the most energy-intensive process during beer production. Therefore, you can reduce production costs while at the same time ensuring top wort quality with an optimally coordinated system.

    The Steinecker Stromboli wort boiling system provides for

    • Low thermal loading of the wort
    • Protection of foam-positive proteins
    • Formation of the required taste and flavour profile and
    • Stripping of the volatile, unwanted wort components

    At a glance

    • Controllable and constant evaporation rates
    • Designed as system with internal boiler or with external boiler
    • Adjustable boiling parameters for different raw material qualities or beer types
    • Energy consumption reduced to a minimum
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    The facts at a glance

    The Stromboli wort boiling system is available as an external boiler system. This can be used to

    • achieve greater flexibility in the wort volume, as an internal boiler must still be covered at the end of boiling,
    • realise a larger heating surface so that a longer service life without intermediate cleaning is possible,
    • carry out retrofitting in existing brewhouses,
    • cover the boiling process of two brew lines and
    • use the identical boiling phases as with the Stromboli internal boiler.
    External boiler system

    Wort boiling technology

    A series of chemical and physical reactions occur during the wort boiling process.


    The reduction of precursor substances and the evaporation of the resulting cleavage products are mutually dependent. Therefore, the boiling system can individually handle the parameters time, temperature and evaporation - with a 60-minute treatment duration and a total evaporation of 3 to 4 percent.

    Wort boiling technology

    The boiling systems at a glance


    * Atmospheric, at low pressure from 1,000 metres above sea level

    The boiling systems at a glance

    Method of operation

    • The central element of the Stromboli internal boiler is a venturi nozzle installed above the pipe bundle.
    • Driven by an external pump, the wort is conveyed via the central dip tube. This creates a vacuum on the outside of the nozzle which supports the flow of wort in the pipe bundle.
    • If the recirculation rate is six to eight times the full kettle quantity per hour, the venturi nozzle generates almost the same recirculation rate in addition.
    Method of operation
    • The Stromboli boiling system has two circulation circuits: the natural circulation of the boiler and the pump circulation with venturi flow.

    • The boiling process is divided into three phases:
      • Phase 1: Boiling with natural and pump circulation
      • Phase 2: Boiling pause with pump circulation and low energy supply
      • Phase 3: Intensive evaporation with natural and pump circulation
    Pump circulation

    Your benefits

    Low overall evaporation

    With the Stromboli technology and the integrated stem meter, an overall evaporation of approximately four percent is ensured.

    Homogeneous mixing of the wort

    Pulsating and foaming of the wort is prevented during the heating process. The use of a frequency-controlled wort pump enables uniform recirculation of the kettle contents.

    Consistent wort quality

    The uniform heat treatment ensures a high quality level of the wort. In addition, an efficient evaporation of undesirable aromatic substances is achieved. The low thermal loading protects foam-positive protein fractions and improves the flavour stability of the beers.

    Improved efficiency

    Stromboli achieves a time reduction in production and a reduced use of cleaning media and water due to extended cleaning cycles.

    Reduced fouling

    The use of the venturi nozzle improves the heat transition in the boiler pipes so that both the thermal loading of the wort and the fouling are reduced.

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