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    Steinecker EquiTherm Brew
    Recycling thermal energy during the brewing process

      Recycling thermal energy during the brewing process

      Smart use of energy flows

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      When it comes to the subject of energy, recycling is a key issue for modern brewhouses. With EquiTherm Brew, Steinecker offers a recycling system that supplies the mashing process with energy recovered from the wort cooling process. The demand for primary resources is reduced as a result – an advantage that not only benefits your production costs, but is also better for the environment.

      At a glance:

      • Fossil fuel savings thanks to reduced thermal energy demand
      • Reduction of energy peaks in the boiler plant
      • Lower demand for ice water for wort cooling, with a resulting reduction in the surplus of hot water
      • Lower heating medium temperatures during the mashing process for stable foam, lighter beer colours and improved flavour stability
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      Method of operation

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      Your benefits

      High energy savings

      • Savings potential: Up to 55 percent in terms of thermal energy and 40 percent in terms of electrical energy in the brewhouse
      • Load peaks reduced by up to 50 percent in the brewhouse: Smaller boiler plants are possible
      • Improved energy balance: Avoidance of surplus hot water and reduction of the demand for ice water in the wort cooler
      • Upgrade to low-temperature brewing or to Brewnomic possible
      • Basis for CO2-neutral and sustainable beer production

      Economical management of hot water demands

      • The amount of hot water generated in the wort cooler is normally far greater in a standard brewhouse than is required for production and cleaning. With EquiTherm, part of the energy from the hot wort is already dissipated to the energy storage tank at the first stage of wort cooling.
      • The amount of hot water in the second stage is reduced, which allows water and energy losses to be avoided.

      Improved product quality

      • Improved flavour stability for the beer thanks to the reduced thermal load on the mash
      • Reduced heating surface temperature: protects enzymes and reduces fouling
      • Consistent wort quality thanks to non-varying heating rates during the entire production week

      High technological benefits

      • Reduced fouling for lower demand for cleaning agents, rinsing water and time
      • Flexibility in the choice of total evaporation in comparison to conventional energy recovery (between 3 and 6.5 percent of the energy can be fully recovered)
      • Can be retrofitted in existing plants without any problems

      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

      Your benefits in figures

      Example brewery producing 2,000,000 hectolitres sales beer per year

      • Brew size 500 hl
      • 3,600 brews per year
      • Thermal energy costs: € 0.036 per kWh
      • Electrical energy costs: € 0.12 per kWh
      • Costs for fresh water and wastewater: € 1.50 per m³
      • Savings in operating costs: € 270,000 per year
      • Additional costs for greenfield project: € 400,000
      • Return on investment: 1.5 years
      • Savings in CO2 emissions: 1,050 t per year
      • Savings in NOX emissions: 1,300 kg per year

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