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    Steinecker Brewnomic
    Steinecker Brewnomic

      The brewing power station

      Power station and brewery rolled into one

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      The Brewnomic is self-sufficient in terms of energy – because this brewery of the future supplies itself by recycling residual materials from the brewing process. The excessive thermal and electrical energy can be sold.
      Due to the variety of types and deviating qualities of raw material, the brewing and filling process is a batch process. Continuous processes are preferred to avoid peak loads at the energy and media supply. The Brewnomic is based on the design of a brewery for a continuous batch process.

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      At a glance

      Production planning

      Production planning

      Production takes place on seven days a week in the smallest possible batches to reduce the load peaks and to optimise the energetic waste material re-use. This way, also lower plant performances can be used requiring less connected load.




      In the EquiTherm brewhouse lays the foundation for the optimal recovery of thermal energy. Another significant factor is the high-gravity process for the mass reduction in the process.

      Filling process

      Filling process

      Warm beer filling opens up new opportunities of energy recuperation.
      A positive side effect is that condensation will no longer develop on the filled bottles.

      Supply systems

      Supply systems

      Overall energy concepts and the software-based planning of production and consumption round off the concept. Alternative energy is only used if it can also be integrated without redundant systems. Steam as a heating media is replaced with hot water.

      Your benefits in figures

      The Brewnomic achieves:

      • an energy surplus of 1,534 MWh of heat and 1,066 MWh of power per year which can be sold to other consumers.*
      • savings of thermal energy of approximately 60 percent in comparison to other standard breweries.*
      • a reduced demand of electrical energy of 30 percent.*

      * at an output of 2.6 million hectolitres

      Benefits to you

      Optimal energy recovery

      The operation of the Brewnomic is based on utilising the brewery residuals in a biogas plant and the recovery of heat and power generated in a combined heat and power plant.

      Reduction of peak loads

      The changes in filling concepts and the continuous production over seven days a week reduces the peak loads which are completely equalised through the energy storage and buffer tanks.

      New filling technology

      Warm filling of beer with temperatures of up to 30 °C opens up new opportunities for using the cooling energy for secondary processes.

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