Steinecker fermentation and storage tanks
Fermentation and storage tanks

    For a fresh product

    Large tanks to precisely meet your requirements

    Do you give everything for the high quality of your product? Do you also agree that therefore only the best tanks are good enough? We believe in any case that your products not only deserve perfect conditions during manufacture, but also during storage. And that is precisely what you get with Steinecker fermentation and storage tanks.

    At a glance

    • Large tanks for all industries and every intended purpose
    • The tanks are manufactured on site, directly at the place of installation
    • Comprehensive know-how, as well as advice and service from a single source
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    One tank for every requirement

    It is our goal to meet your product’s requirements one-hundred percent. Which is why we manufacture our products precisely in accordance with your individual specifications:

    Size Maximum height of up to 28,000 mm, maximum diameter of up to 7,500 mm
    Construction /shape Cylindroconical tanks, flat-bottom tanks or tanks with dished bases
    Material Stainless steel, austenitic or duplex steel also available on request
    Surface Weld seams ground on the inside (Ra 0.8 µm), surface quality = 2B or to be individually clarified
    Regulations ASME, RTN, Gost-R, ML-China, DIN EN ISO 3834-2, consistent with DGRL 97/23/EG
    Peripherals Adjustable platforms and substructures
    Coating Can be primed and painted
    Insulation PIR and PU foam, mineral wool
    Guards Gastight or riveted
    One tank for every requirement
    • Height-to-diameter ratio that has been optimally designed to suit the respective process requirement (layering or mixing)
    • Efficient heat transfer with heating or cooling surface, designed as pillow plates with forced convection
    • Flexible operation with different fill levels thanks to subdivided heating or cooling surfaces over the entire height of the tank
    • Individual design option for operation with overpressure or atmospheric pressure
    One tank for every requirement

    On-site tank construction explained step by step

    • The dome entry skirt and the dished head form the top part of the tank.
    • This is then connected to the cylindrical skirt area, which is manufactured out of cylindrical rings and cooling skirts.
    • The bottom part of the tank is made up of the knuckle, support skirt, cooling cone and run-off cone.
    • Once the bottom part of the tank has been fastened to the substructure, the top part of the tank is set on together with the cylindrical skirt area.
    • The assembly of the pipe system then finishes off the tank.
    • Once a successful hydrostatic test has been performed, the tank is insulated.

    All advantages at a glance

    Quick execution

    The temporal and logistical effort required in the construction of the tank farm is reduced thanks to on-site manufacturing. Steinecker guarantees the shortest assembly times on site through optimised and proven work sequences.

    Individual design

    We manufacture our pressure tanks to precisely suit your requirements – and in compliance with all current regulations.

    Efficient heat transfer

    Our pillow plate technology ensures highly efficient heat transfer during the heating or cooling processes.

    Brewery technology from a single source

    Would you like a partner who will accompany you from the consultancy phase, through to manufacture and then on to after-sales service? Steinecker supplies you with everything you need from a single source.

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