Process technology for the manufacture of beer
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The reliable partner for breweries

For decades, Steinecker’s systems technology has been turning the dreams of brewers from all over the world into reality – and if you wish, they can do the same with yours: We offer just the right solution for each step of beer preparation and rely on the unbeatable combination of experience and innovation. Because at Steinecker, proven technology meets solutions for sustainable production that are energy efficient and gentle on resources.


Whether for low output quantities or major breweries, whether for conventional beer varieties or special brews – Steinecker provides just the right brewing systems to conjure up the finest worts from malt, hops and water while fulfilling all requirements.


The brewer makes the wort, the yeast makes the beer. Steinecker provides the right equipment to create the optimum conditions needed for fermentation and maturation.

Clarification and stabilisation

Steinecker offers a range of possibilities and methods of filtration to achieve a bright filtrate and high beer stability. Krones has a flash pasteurising system in its product range.

Tank construction

Not only for breweries but also for all other beverage and food production companies: Steinecker manufactures storage and production tanks for heating and cooling, mixing and dissolving, fermentation and homogenisation, and for many other applications.


In the Steinecker portfolio, you can find modules for your path towards an energy self-sufficient and Co2-neutral brewery.

Process control system

The Botec monitors and controls all steps of batch production for breweries, beverage production plants and dairies. That enables the system to meet the requirements for a reproducible manufacturing result – while at the same time assisting the operator in manual operations. Botec can be adjusted individually to any system size thanks to its modular arrangement and scaleability.

Turnkey projects

Steinecker is your experienced partner – for greenfield or brownfield projects, as well as for complete breweries and plant sections. Our competent team offers a full-service package from project planning through to systems engineering, from its implementation through to the handing over of the key.

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