Steinecker TFS Twin Flow System
TFS pre-coat filtration (Twin Flow System)

    High-efficiency filtration

    Candle filtration with monitored precoating of the filtering area

    Filtration is one of the key processes in brewery operations. Technological requirements include the need for a bright, shiny filtrate with optimum turbidity and improved physical stability of the beer. This achieves high microbiological safety for the filled product.
    Yet the obvious goal is also to achieve high efficiency – perhaps through a lower consumption of filter aids, water and cleaning media. In addition, beer losses during type change-over are to be minimised while simultaneously maintaining flexibility in the choice of filter aids. The system can also be used as PVPP filter for stabilising beer.

    At a glance

    • Optimum distribution of different filter aids along the complete filter candle with the bypass system
    • Long filter service lives with a simultaneously lower filter-aid consumption
    • Reduced beer losses thanks to a short mixing phase during displacement after precoating
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    Your benefits

    High efficiency

    The register concept enables an optimum distribution of different filter aids along the entire filter candle.

    Low losses and high quality

    The very short mixing phase during displacement after precoating reduces the beer losses. In addition, the variably adjustable filtration output achieves an optimum quality in special beers.

    Gentle care of resources included

    The concept is distinguished by its 25 percent lower consumption of filter aids for precoating and continuous dosing. The TFS also stands out thanks to its water and cleaning-media savings achieved through reductions in the filtration processes.


    A retrofitting kit is available for existing filtration systems: The register is integrated as an intermediate flange in the existing filter housing.

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