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    Steinecker Low-temperature brewery
    Low-temperature brewery

      Energy supply in breweries of the future

      The low-temperature brewery according to Steinecker

      Energy-efficiency in the brewery not only reduces the operating costs but it also protects the environment. Steam as a heat transfer medium in modern plants has served its time, because high system losses had to be accepted for the provision of energy. Boiler plants for high-pressure water supply was already the first step in the right direction to reduce the losses.

      However, the Steinecker concept of a low-temperature brewery is the advancement of a hot-water system with a significantly reduced temperature level in favour of a minimised CO2 footprint of a brewery.

      At a glance

      • Use of hot water of up to 115 °C as a heat transfer medium in a closed system
      • Energy provision via a central energy storage tank
      • Multiple use of thermal energy
      • Easy integration of energy recovery
      • Central energy system also for renewable energy
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      Brochure Steinecker Low-temperature brewery
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      Benefits to you

      Optimal utilisation of the available thermal energy

      The intelligent control system supports the continuous loading and emptying of the energy storage tank with a high capacity factor at the same time.

      Integration of different energy sources

      The system with energy storage tank enables the inclusion of a CHP, solar thermal system or the combination of different heat generation systems to cover the basic or total load.

      No peak loads at the boiler plant

      The central energy storage tank enables a consistent loading and therefore the smallest possible boiler capacities.

      Brewing beer with low energy consumption

      The use of the EquiTherm system and the low-temperature concept for the heat supply of the brewing process is the key to the most-saving brewery with an energy consumption of < 19 kWh per hectolitre of beer.

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