Steinecker CombiCube F
CombiCube F compact filtration system

    A systematic filter concept

    Filtration with utmost flexibility

    A compact set-up, with flexible performance and a variety of filtration aids to choose from - these are the advantages which make the CombiCube F more than appealing to small to medium-sized brewers. The modular system components can be individually combined according to the requirements in question and can also be retrofitted at a later point in time. This allows the breweries to clarify their individual beer types in the best way possible.

    At a glance:

    • Combination of five modules for the various process steps in the filtration cellar
    • Steinecker filtration technology included
    • Designed according to the variety of types, fermentation regime and sales beer volume
    • Extremely variable filtration performance of up to 10 percent of the nominal filtration performance 
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    The facts at a glance

    With the CombiCube F

    • A nominal performance of between 26 hl and 107 hl per hour is possible.
    • All process steps in the filter cellar can be coped with in five compact pre-assembled modules.
    • It is possible to flexibly achieve a performance in the filtrate flow of up to 10 percent of the nominal performance.
    • Various filter aids can be used.
    • The space in the filter cellar can be optimally used, as the modules can be arranged in a flexible manner.

    Concept variants


    The modules of the CombiCube F

    • Candle filter with proven Steinecker TFS technology
    • Kieselguhr mixing and dosing tank
    • Manual operation, optionally with hardware controller for circuit operation and automatic turbidity monitoring
    Filtration module
    • Non-filtrate buffer tank for frequent tank changing in storage cellar
    • Pre-run and post-run tank for reducing changeover losses if there are multiple beer types per filtration
    Buffer module
    • Carbonation and original extract correction specifically for high-gravity brewing processes
    • Filtrate buffer tank for pressure surge adsorption
    Conditioning module
    • Settling tanks for draining the water from the kieselguhr once it has been discharged from the filter
    • Individual design of the tank volume to suit the storage capacity
    Disposal module
    • CIP buffer tank with inline dosing of concentrate
    • Temperature monitoring via hardware controller
    • Simple cleaning possible with caustic added to the dosing tank at the filter
    CIP module

    Method of operation

    CombiCube F filters according to the twin-flow principle

    Register piping replaces the head plate, thus turning the entire tank into a non-filtrate area.

    • A bypass is used to increase the overflow speed at the filter elements.
    • Depending on the filter aid used, the settling rate can be countered as a result. This allows even precoating to be controlled along the entire length of the filter candle.
    • For kieselguhr, a bypass flow at 12 % of the nominal filter performance is recommended.
    • By adjusting the bypass flow, the filtrate flow can be slowed down to 10 % of the nominal filter performance.

    Benefits to you

    Flexible filtration process

    Speciality beers and a wide range of types – this means that the system in question must be highly flexible. With the CombiCube F, the filtration performance can be adjusted to 10 percent of the nominal performance. 

    Well-proven Steinecker technology

    The TFS filtration concept with bypass control allows exact adjustment of the non-filtrate, filtrate as well as the bypass flow for an even pre-coating of the filter elements. 

    Fully automatic or manual control

    Depending on the degree of automation a brewery is equipped with, the CombiCube F can be manually operated or controlled fully automatically.

    Low space requirements

    The frame construction means that the components can be individually combined and positioned to suit the space available in the filter cellar.

    Quick integration into brewing operations

    The set-up of the vessels and their connection to the standardised frame modules make it easy to quickly install the system on site.

    The CombiCube principle

    With the CombiCube, Steinecker has created a product range which is aimed specifically at the needs and demands of small to medium-sized breweries. The CombiCube F for the filtration supplements the brewery concept CombiCube, which also includes the appropriate fermentation tank as well as modules for utilities and CIP system in addition to a brewhouse with skid solution.

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