Water Sustainability Concept
Water Sustainability Concept

    Water is the focus of Steinecker brewing technology

    Every state-of-the-art brewery with Steinecker systems and solutions is geared towards sustainability from a technical and technological point of view. The focus here is not only on reducing thermal and electrical energy consumption, but also on reducing water consumption - and there are a multitude of ways to reduce this:

    • Rethinking existing processes
    • Using innovative technologies
    • Maximising the re-use of flushing water and by-products
    • Implementing a holistic new CIP concept
    • Separate circuits for brewing and process water
    • ...

    In a holistic approach, Steinecker develops an individual water sustainability concept together with its customers in order to achieve the lowest possible water consumption in the entire brewery.

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    Brochure Water Sustainability Concept
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    KPIs: water consumption in figures


    Overview of modules for water savings

    Overview of modules for water savings

    In detail: Intelligent Water Recovery (IWR)

    A new process for the cold block

    Cold block: State of the technology Cold block: New concept
    • After CIP, all pipes are filled with brewing liquor
    • Prior to the production, pipes are flushed with deaerated water (DAW*)
    • At the end of the pipe, DAW is discharged with product into the sewage system

    Displacement and flushing water as well as clean brewing liquor or DAW are lost

    * DAW = deaerated water

    • Collecting displacement and flushing
      water in a separate tank: main portion of
      this is DAW. Properties:
      • Cold
      • No oxygen
      • Best quality
      • Expensive, treated water

    Re-use for mash-in as a substitution
    for cold water

    Re-use in the CIP system


    Benefits: sustainable water management

    • Water savings of up to 20 percent
    • Reduction of oxygen content during mash-in → Quality improvement
    • Re-use of the cooling energy contained in the DAW


    Information on other modules for saving water can be found in our product brochure.

    Information on other modules for saving water can be found in our product brochure.
    Brochure Water Sustainability Concept
    0.44 MB, .pdf

    Benefits to you

    Holistic concept

    The concept takes into account all process steps in production and CIP. The focus here is on three essential pillars: Saving water, Re-using water within the processes and converting water, to return it to the processes.

    Can be retrofitted

    The concept is not only suitable for new brewery projects, but can also be retrofitted in existing plants.

    Great potential for saving water

    There is an enormous potential to reduce the overall water consumption in the brewery by using a large number of modules. KPIs of less than 2.0 hectolitres of consumption per hectolitre of sales beer can be achieved.

    Project-specific overall concept

    Many of the individual processes, technologies and driving methods presented have already proven themselves over many years. The way to success: project-specific combination of the individual components to form a coherent overall concept.

    Modular design

    Many modules can be retrofitted individually. This enables a step-by-step development towards a final overall concept.

    Water as an essential component of the Brewnomic philosophy

    Brewnomic combines the holistic Steinecker approach to sustainability. In addition to heat, electricity and waste recycling, this approach naturally also includes water as the main ingredient in beer.

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