Steinecker CombiCube
CombiCube compact brewhouse

    Compact and powerful for breweries with brew sizes of up to 130 hectolitres

    Modular brewing systems can be perfectly tailored to the needs of craft brewers. The key here is to combine flexible brewing processes and brew sizes with the often very limited space available. Steinecker CombiCube is a brewery concept for cold wort volumes of 50 to 130 hectolitres per brew.

    At a glance

    • Compact layout for the brewhouse with a frame construction with two to six vessels for all process steps
    • Fermentation tanks and different options for beer treatment for the cold area
    • Standardised modules for utilities and CIP system
    • Automated processes are combined with manual intervention options for individually crafted beers
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    The right equipment for every brewery


    * Or cereal cooker


    Example: 60 hl brewing plant, 8 brews per day, 12°P, infusion

    Grist mill with 4 rollers

    • Grist milling capacity 800 kg/h with grist silo for 1,300 kg
    • Mashing-in output 6,500 kg/h

    Mash tun

    • Maximum mash volume 44 hl, heating rate 1.0 K/min
    • Side wall and base heating for the mashing process
    • Pillow plate technology for low thermal impact
    • Optional: EquiTherm for regenerative power supply

    Lauter tun

    • Lautering surface 7.07 m², false bottom load 183 kg/m²
    • Automatic lautering process for first wort and sparging wort with manual dosing of additives and disposal of spent grains


    • External boiler with 326 kW
    • Optional: Vapour condenser with energy storage system
    • Up to 3 hops dosages of 6 kg each


    • Trub tank (optional):, two-stage wort cooler, wort aeration with air or oxygen, wort pre-cooling (optional)
    Technology – brewhouse

    Example: 60 hl brewing plant

    Yeast cellar

    • Yeast propagation with usable capacity of 6.8-24.1 hl
    • Yeast storage with usable capacity of 2.13-5.41 hl

    Fermenting cellar

    • Usable capacity: 60, 120, 180 and 240 hl
    • Coolant: glycol water -4 °C
    • Extract breakdown: 3 °P per 24 h
    • Cooling:
      • 24 hours from + 20 °C to + 4°C
      • 48 hours from + 4 °C to + -1 °C
    • Manual filling of fermentation tank and bright beer tank
    • Volumes measured via mobile inductive flow rate measurement
    • Automatic temperature regulation, mechanical pressure regulation
    • Manual lost cleaning
    Technology – yeast cellar and fermenting cellar

    Example: 60 hl brewing plant

    Beer cooler, filter and centrifuge

    • Cooling medium, beer cooler: Glycol water -4°C, with a cooling rate of + 8°C to - 1°C
    • Filter aid: kieselguhr or alternative filter aids
    • Process water centrifuge (as per the manufacturer’s specifications)
    • Manual operation of the modules with performance data set up to match the tank size

    CIP cleaning

    • Design as single-tank CIP, pre-piped four-tank CIP or free-standing four-tank CIP
    • Usable capacity:
      • CIP system in brewhouse 25.2 hl
      • CIP system in cellar 16.8 hl
    • Capacity of heat exchanger in brewhouse 145 kW, in fermenting cellar and storage cellar 58 kW
    • Hot or cold cleaning with manual or automatic function, depending on design
    Technology – beer handling and CIP cleaning

    Example: 60 hl brewing plant

    Output: Cooling 118 kW for 0-4 brews per day
          134 kW for 5-8 brews per day
        Compressed air 35 Nm³/h for 0-4 brews per day
          70 Nm³/h for 5-8 brews per day
        Steam Steam amount 1,170 kg/h
    Automatic, self-controlled operation for cooling plant, air compressor and steam generator, plus manual operation of CO2 supply and D/A water system
    Supply via mains electricity supply for cooling system and air compressor, plus optionally via mains electricity supply or gas supply for steam generator; CO2 supply via integration of CO2 canisters


    Technology – utilities and energy recovery

    EquiTherm recuperates the thermal energy of the wort boiler and uses this to supply the mashing process.

    Benefits to you

    Optimum flexibility

    • You can flexibly combine the modular components as required to put together your own perfectly tailored brewery.
    • This individual combination of modules allows the CombiCube to stand out with low space requirements.

    Reliability through proven technology

    • STEINECKER technology is also available for smaller brewing volumes.
    • High beer quality and optimum efficiency are ensured with proven technology.

    Manual and automated processes reasonably combined

    • The plant allows for manual intervention in areas where it makes sense and offers automated processes to make your brewing process highly efficient.

    Quick start for your production

    • The CombiCube concept comprises pre-assembled plant modules which are installed and started quickly.

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