Steinecker Poseidon
Steinecker Poseidon

    Dynamic fermentation

    Fermentation is what counts

    To create high-quality beers, the fermentation process should be steady, fast and reproducible. This ensures that the extract is efficiently degraded, the desirable flavours are created and undesirable substances reduced within a short time.
    Furthermore, gentle yeast cropping and fast cooling are required. Steinecker Poseidon provides brewers with a compact, retrofittable unit for an efficient and high-grade fermentation process.

    At a glance

    • Retrofittable Poseidon unit for the dynamic fermentation process
    • Recipe-specific support of the fermentation process by systematic mechanical influence of the convection
    • Improved yeast cropping and particle discharge by means of a displacer
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    The facts at a glance

    The Poseidon opens new possibilities for fermentation processes as this is the first system to allow individual zones in the tank to be systematically mixed or settled. In addition,

    • optimal mixing in the fermentation tank can promote the degradation of extract and diacetyl.
    • yeast can be cropped with higher vitality and lower loss of beer.
    • an external cooler can be included for increasing the cooling capacity.
    • efficient dry hopping with optimal leaching and mixing can be ensured.

    Method of operation

    • Three central inlet and outlet ports in the tank (central lance, top opening, bottom outlet) are used to specifically influence convection and variably adjust the mixing zones.
    • The specially shaped displacer ensures even filling and improves yeast cropping as channel formation during discharge is prevented.
    • The distribution system promotes efficient recirculation and a reversal of the direction of flow if required.
    • Additional external coolers can be used to support tank cooling during the cool-down phase.
    Method of operation

    Process steps

    All valves of the distribution system can be opened during filling.

    If required, recirculation can be initiated during the filling breaks, for instance by discharging part of the flow through the top opening and returning it through the bottom outlet. This is especially expedient for long filling times with several brews in order to evenly distribute the yeast and oxygen in the tank.

    Recirculation independent of the fill level can thus be realised with Poseidon.


    During main fermentation, the fermentation heat is dissipated via the jacket cooling system. In this process, the cold liquid drops close to the side walls of the tank and rises again in the centre.

    If the tank dimensions are unfavourable, natural convection may be impeded, which in turn hinders extract degradation and diacetyl reduction. Poseidon can compensate this impediment.

    Main fermentation

    At the end of fermentation, a slow-flow sedimentation zone can be created in the tank by recirculating just the top part. This allows particles to sediment while the required reactions continue at an accelerated speed in the top tank area.


    Yeast cropping with Poseidon is performed from bottom as conventional. The specially designed displacer ensures that the particles evenly slide on and prevents channel formation in the sediment. Loss of beer is thus reduced and the cropping can be accelerated.

    As an alternative, the product can first be discharged via the top opening and the sediment can be removed afterwards. This is particularly advantageous e.g. for dry hopping.

    Solids discharge

    To support cooling, an external cooler can additionally be used as an option. If an unfavourable arrangement of the cooling zones results in temperature layers during the cooling process, Poseidon can ensure even mixing. The cooling efficiency is thereby increased.


    For dry hopping, the direction of recirculation can be reversed in order to prevent excessive depositing of the dosed hops. This contributes to optimally extracting and dissolving the enriching substances of the hops.

    This allows also the use of other additives for flavouring beer, as the danger of clogging is close to zero.

    A sedimentation and discharge of solids can be performed before filtration to prevent filter blockage. However, if a centrifuge is used, the hop particles can be kept in suspension in order to distribute the solids homogeneously to the centrifuge and minimise beer losses.

    Dry hopping

    The hygienic design of the Poseidon fermentation unit enables an optimum cleaning process.

    In addition to conventional tank cleaning by means of a spraying device, a small slurry remains in the conical end to properly clean the distribution system and the pipe-in-pipe system towards each direction of flow.


    Output ranges

    Poseidon is standardised and configured for five fermentation tank sizes*:

    • 100 – 500 hl
    • 500 – 1.000 hl
    • 1.000 – 3.000 hl
    • 3.000 – 5.000 hl
    • 5.000 – 7.500 hl

    Fermentation tanks with a net volume exceeding 7,500 hectolitres can be equipped with Poseidon, but must be operated with a lower circulation capacity.

    * Net volume

    Output ranges

    Function variants


    Benefits to you

    Easy retrofitting

    The Poseidon fermentation units can be retrofitted in nearly all cylindro-conical tanks. The hygienic design and omission of moving parts allow for optimum cleaning of the units.

    Optimised mixing

    The dynamic support of the convection improves mixing in the tank. This prevents temperature layers and results in efficient dry hopping.

    More efficient sedimentation

    Even while recirculation is in progress, yeasts and solids are allowed to sediment as the central lance and the top opening enable systematic recirculation in the top tank zone.

    Even separation of particles

    Yeast and particle cropping without channel formation is enabled thanks to the integrated displacer which accelerates cropping and reduces loss of beer.

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