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Energy recovery in breweries

    Saving resources

    Wort boiling and saving of resources in line with each other

    The recovery of energy must be specially adapted to the brewing process. During the production of beer 25 − 35 percent alone of thermal energy is used for wort boiling. This demand for energy requires a large quantity of fuel. The energy recovery for wort boiling reduces the demand on primary resources – an advantage which has a positive effect on the production costs.
    For wort boiling, gentle heating improves the beer's foaming characteristics, increases the taste stability and creates lighter beer colours. Thanks to the use of an energy recovery system, the brewer not only achieves economic but also technological advantages.

    At a glance

    • Energy recovery for warm water generation or for lauter wort heating
    • Thanks to the high degree of utilisation, an energy recovery of more than 90 percent of primary used energy is possible
    • The condensation of the vapours at the vapour condenser prevents the emission of odours and is therefore indispensable when the breweries are located next to residential areas.
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    Which variants are available for energy recovery?


    Options for the individually suitable energy recovery

    Vapour condenser for hot water production

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    Energy storage system for lauter wort heating

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    Energy storage system for lauter wort heating and hot water production

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    The facts at a glance

    For the following reasons, the use of an energy storage system offers significant advantages for the brewing process in terms of energy consumption and productivity:

    • With total evaporation at four percent, the energy storage system is in equilibrium and primary energy savings of almost 30 percent can be achieved.
    • A fast brewing rhythm can be achieved with the aid of lauter wort heating.
      Standard Energy storage unit
    Evaporation 4 % 4 %
    Kettle full hl 520 520
    Temperature, start of heating °C 75 92*
    Temperature, start of boiling °C 99 99
    Heating energy KJ 5.291.520 1.543.360
    Boiling energy KJ 4.516.000 4.516.000
    Oil consumption l 414 256
    Oil saving l/brew   126**

    * After the lauter wort heater | ** With an energy storage unit efficiency of around 90 percent

      Standard Energy storage unit
    Temperature, start of heating °C 75 4 %
    Minutes of heating duration 48 14**
    Minutes of boiling time 60 60
    Minutes of spindle duration 5 5
    Minutes of casting duration 15 15
    Minutes of rinsing duration 5 5
    Total action time 133 99
    Brews per day 10,8 14,5

    * After the lauter wort heater | ** Start of heating at the end of lautering


    Your benefits

    Improved energy balance

    The saving of primary energy results in a reduced CO2 emission at the high-energy brewing process.

    Targeted adjustment

    All components of the plant are adapted to the Stromboli wort boiler, however they can just as well be used for existing boilers. This way, also breweries which have been used already for a very long time, can save energy.

    Gentle wort treatment

    The reduced heating medium temperature at the lauter wort heating reduces the thermal stress of the wort and contributes to improved wort quality.

    Reduced operating costs

    Energy saving measures also stand out for their cost effects. With the energy recovery system you will keep your energy costs under control.

    Emission protection

    The condensation of the vapours prevents the emission of odours and is therefore absolutely necessary when residential areas are in the vicinity of breweries.

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