Steinecker Tank construction
Tank construction

    Tank construction – Customised exactly for the integration into your process

    Accurate tank dimensioning and production processes

    The ideal tank is customised for your application and optimally designed for the respective technological process. This is exactly our offer to you with our tank programme. The selection of materials, dimensions and required assemblies is performed custom-fit for your processes with program-controlled production machines guaranteeing highest tank quality. Our tank programme meets all user specifications for the beverage and food industry as well as the chemical and petrochemical industry and bio-fuel production.

    At a glance

    • Storing and production tanks according to the individual specifications
    • Perfect integration for different processes
    • Manufacture depending on to the container design in the plant or on-site
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    Vessel features

    Size Up to 8,000 hl, maximum diameter of 7,500 mm
    Construction/shape Round (vertical and horizontal), other designs on request
    Process tanks For heating, cooling, mixing, dissolving, storage, fermentation, homogenisation, cleaning, ...
    Type of content Liquid, gaseous, paste-like, in powder form, granular
    Material Non-rusting stainless steels; all standard austenitic or duplex steels are available on request
    Surface Weld seals polished on the inside, pickled on the inside and outside for standard sizes Outside ceramic blasted on containers up to 300 hl; available on request for non-standard sizes
    Pressure tasks/regulations/licences ASME, RTN, Gost-R, ML-China, DIN EN ISO 3834-2, consistent with DGRL 97/23/EG
    Fixtures/equipment Any internal components (agitators, guide plates, spraying devices)
    Peripherals Platforms, substructures
    Piping Pressurised and pressureless pipe systems
    Coating Primary coat; coat of paint on request
    Insulation/housing Insulation (PIR and PU foam, mineral wool) and cladding (gastight or riveted)

    Perfect production conditions for your tanks and vessels

    • Manufacturing hall designed specifically for the vessel construction
    • Automated methods for vessel-dome and shell production
    • The working steps are precisely attuned to each other and carried out by qualified welders
    • High-performance and program-controlled production machines for cutting, drawing and welding work
    • Highest quality through a globally recognised and standardised welding and inspection procedure
    • Surface treatment with polishing and pickling solutions, also ceramic blasting of the outside surfaces

    Surface quality

    External surfaces



    Pickled, cold-rolled bright finish

    Pickled, cold-rolled bright finish

    Ground K80

    Ground K80

    Internal surfaces

    • Ground Ra 0.8 µm

      Ground Ra 0.8 µm

    • Pickled, cold-rolled bright finish, seams  raised

      Pickled, cold-rolled bright finish, seams raised

    • Pickled, cold-rolled bright finish, seams  ground

      Pickled, cold-rolled bright finish, seams ground

    Benefits to you

    Short delivery times

    We do not hand over your tank to others. Therefore, our manufacturing time budget allows for tight scheduling of construction and expansion measures for your production plant.

    The quality is right

    Our precision of manufacture and processing becomes evident when looking at the surfaces. Our certificates are the best prove when you can tell no more difference with the naked eye.

    Customised installation

    Highest precision is our standard for the inclusion of allocated connections of the peripherals all around the tank.

    Pressure tank according to standard regulations

    Our up-to-date manufacturing and inspection methods also qualify us for the manufacture of pressure tanks. Our own projects such as the brewing business prove this at its best.

    Experience in process technology

    Thanks to our profound technological and process-related knowledge, we are very well aware of your demands placed on tanks, and we can provide support in selecting the appropriate materials, geometries and designs.

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