TFS filtration with alternative aids
Kieselguhr-free filtration

    Kieselguhr-free filtration

    Why breaking away from kieselguhr?

    The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classified crystalline kieselguhr as carcinogenic in 1997. Since January 2014the DüMV(Fertiliser Regulation) has prohibited the application on agricultural land.

    Our solution

    • Filter aids on the basis ofcellulose and perlites
      • Can be used for all breweries with Steinecker TFS filters
      • Can also be adapted to other candle filter technologies
      • Can be used as fertilizer

    Erbslöh, our project partner, provides an ideal product which can even increase the performance of your existing TFS.

    Kieselguhr-free filtration
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    Specific applications

    First precoating with Erbslöh VarioFluxx Precoat 1

    • Mixture from specially treated cellulose fibre and perlites
    • For targeted adjustment of the filter cake permeability
    • Forms a well-structured and stable filter cake layer

    Second precoating with Erbslöh VarioFluxx Precoat 2

    • Builds up a fine clarifying layer for an increased reduction of turbidity

    Continuous dosing

    • Mixture of specific perlites
    • Adapted to the special requirements of beer filtration
    Specific applications

    Filter aids



    Ecologically sound and safe for health
    Vulcanic glass: belongs to the rocks, has a natural origin



    Main constituent of plant cell walls
    The most common biomolecule
    Most significant raw material in the industry



    Powdery substance
    Classified as a carcinogen
    Application on agricultural land is no longer permitted throughout the EU

    Our partners in the project

    Erbslöh Geisenheim GmbH

    • International company from the Rheingau
    • Solutions for the beer, fruit processing, brandy and wine industries
    • Steinecker cooperation partner since November 2023

    Product portfolio

    • Biotechnology: enzymes, yeasts and yeast nutrients
    • Stabilisation: PVPP, tannins, silica gels, silica brines, bentonites, etc.
    • Filter aids: kieselguhr, perlite, cellulose, mixed products, filter layers, filter candles
    Our partners in the project

    Benefits to you

    Safe use and simple disposal

    VarioFluxx filter aids by Erbslöh do not contain any harmful substances and are unproblematic to use. It can be disposed of through the usual channels.

    Clear filter results

    Precoat filtration with VarioFluxx Precoat results in the same beer qualities as those achieved with kieselguhr.

    Sustainable raw material

    Through its use of cellulose as an integral component, the resource on which the filter aid relies is both natural and sustainable.

    Easy to retrofit

    This process can be implemented in all breweries that are currently already using a Steinecker TFS filter or candle filters from other suppliers.

    Accumulated expert knowledge

    The system for precoat filtration with an alternative filter aid was developed by Steinecker experts. The breweries are supplied with the VarioFluxx Precoat filter aids by Erbslöh, the expert for consumables.

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