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      We place great importance on a good and successful collaboration with our suppliers!

      Steinecker GmbH always treats each partner with respect, because for us, an honest dialog is the basis for a good collaboration. This attitude has already won us many long-term partners and excellent relationships with our suppliers. Besides quality and price, there are other factors which play an important role when selecting our suppliers.

      • Reliability
      • Ingenuity
      • Sustainability
      • Service
      • Ability to supply

      Due to the fact that the purchasing market is continually changing, we are always looking for qualified and reliable suppliers who have a sense of quality which is on a par with ours.

      Contact Rupert Dantscher

      Head of Purchasing Department

      Our delivery address and delivery acceptance times


      Steinecker GmbH
      Raiffeisenstraße 30
      85356 Freising


      Goods receipt 1: +49 8161 95-3475

      Goods receipt 2: +49 8161 95-3473

      Delivery times

      Monday to Thursday 07:00 - 15:00

      Friday 07:00 - 12:00

      General documents

      Name Description Download

      General purchasing terms and conditions

      You can find the Steinecker GmbH general terms and conditions of business here.

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      Supplier Code

      Steinecker has committed itself to respecting the fundamental principles of human rights, providing fair working conditions, protecting the environment and aiding the fight against corruption – and we expect our suppliers to do the same.

      1.20 MB, .pdf

      Safety instructions for external partner companies (german only)

      To guarantee personal and material safety on the Steinecker GmbH company grounds, all of the corresponding instructions have been summarised. These guidelines are to be taken into account by all suppliers and other service providers working on Steinecker GmbH company grounds.

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      Application to become a supplier

      Would you like to become part of our network of suppliers? Then fill in the supplier self-assessment form and send it to the following e-mail address:

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      Individual supplier declaration

      You can use the draft of an Individual supplier declaration in accordance with regulation 2015/2447 of appendix 22-15 to provide us with information about the preferred originating status of the supplied goods. Please complete this document and send it to

      0.11 MB, .pdf

      Long-term supplier declaration

      This is the draft of a Long-term supplier declaration in accordance with regulation 2015/2447 of appendix 22-16, which must be sent to this address

      0.11 MB, .pdf

      Release declaration for follow-up material

      Please let us know in good time if one of your materials is no longer available and send us the corresponding release declaration.

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      Project processing documents

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      Spare parts list

      This is a draft for filling in the spare parts list with additional instructions for our suppliers of machines and solutions.

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      Instruction spare parts list

      Instructions for filling the spare parts list.

      0.20 MB, .pdf

      Packing list

      You may use this document as a draft for your packing list.

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      Proof of delivery

      You can find a draft for suppliers to be used if Steinecker is to pick up the goods.

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