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    Steinecker Boreas
    Boreas wort stripping system

      Wort stripping of the new generation

      Wort stripping ensures beer quality and saves energy

      The wort quality is the criterion for best brewing results. In addition to many enriching ingredients, also undesired components in the wort must be observed which must not exceed a defined limit value. This is the only way to avoid quality losses of the finished beer.

      The Steinecker Boreas stripping system is used for the controlled removal of undesired flavours from the wort. This system can also be used for consistent good beer quality in order to enable energy savings during wort boiling.

      At a glance

      • Reduced boiling time with constant wort quality
      • Selective adjustment of the free DMS in the stripping tank below the flavour threshold of 100 μg/l directly before wort cooling
      • Controlled intensity of the process via the added stripping gas volume
      Brochure Steinecker Boreas
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      Benefits to you

      Gentle process

      The Boreas stripping vessel works without the use of thermal energy or vacuum. Free DMS is gently cast out via the use of stripping gas.

      High efficiency

      With stripping, the free DMS in the wort can be reduced by up to 65% after a reduced boiling time.

      Flexible plant concept

      The integrated bypass enables to skirt the plant depending on the used product.

      Fitting modules – depending on the cooling capacity

      The Boreas system is provided in designs for a cooling capacity of 300, 600 or 1,000 hl/h. The system is of modular design and can be easily retrofitted.

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