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    Krones celcare
    Krones celcare

      Method for filtration with a compressible filter aid

      Precoat filtration without kieselguhr

      Filtration is one of the key processes in brewery operations. In addition to a bright, shiny filtrate, technological requirements also include an improvement in the physical stability of the beer. The filtration achieves high microbiological safety for the filled product.

      Steinecker brewing technology experts have now joined forces with the consumables specialist KIC Krones to develop the alternative Krones celcare filter aid and a compatible procedure that replaces conventional precoat filtration with kieselguhr.

      At a glance

      • Krones celcare: compressible filter aid on the basis of cellulose and perlites
      • Control method for the turbidity-controlled compression of the filter cake
      • Can be used for all breweries with Steinecker TFS filters
      • Can also be adapted to other candle filter technologies
      Brochure Krones celcare
      1.47 MB, .pdf

      Benefits to you

      Safe use and simple disposal

      Krones celcare does not contain any substances that are hazardous to your health and is unproblematic to use. It can be disposed of through the usual channels.

      Clear filter results

      Precoat filtration with Krones celcare results in the same beer qualities as those achieved with kieselguhr.

      Sustainable raw material

      Through its use of cellulose as an integral component, the resource on which the filter aid relies is both natural and sustainable. Studies are currently being performed to examine its future use in biogas systems.

      Easy to retrofit

      This process can be retrofitted in all breweries that are currently already using a Steinecker TFS filter or candle filter from other suppliers.

      Accumulated expert knowledge

      The system for precoat filtration with a compressible filter aid was developed by Steinecker brewery experts. Breweries can procure Krones celcarefilter aids from the consumable specialist KIC Krones.

      Close collaboration during implementation

      Breweries can procure Krones celcare filter aids from the consumable specialist KIC Krones. Its experienced team is there to support interested breweries in all issues regarding the optimum supply of Krones machinery and systems.

      celcare at KIC Krones

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